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Shrimp/ fish culture - procedure

Site selection

Our experts will provide clear guidance to the client in site selection for shrimp/fish and seaweed farms and will ensure that the farms are set suitably integrating the local environment and socio-economic considerations. Relating to freshwater carp culture to utilize the land and water effectively, the culture practices would be towards integrated farming.

Construction and preparation of shrimp/fish farm

A site-specific approach to design and construct the shrimp/fish/seaweed farm will be formulated by our experts for commercial operations.

Supervision of shrimp coastal aquaculture

Our company will arrange for qualified technical supervisors to monitor the culture activities starting from stocking of seed to harvest and marketing.

Assistance in procurement of material for aquaculture

We assistand arrange for the supply of:

  • • Quality shrimp seed
  • • Quality carp seed
  • • Feed (hatchery feeds and farm feeds)
  • • Probiotics
  • • Disease diagnostic kits
  • • Paddlewheel aerators and
  • • Other farm accessories
  • Establishment of shrimp/fish hatchery

    Production of healthy and homogeneous quality shrimp/fish seed that are free of disease is the prime requirement for sustainable development of aquaculture farms. This requires elaborate hatchery requirements such as brood stock, larval/post-larval rearing systems and live feed for successful management. The shrimp and fish hatcheries are required to adopt strict sanitation, quarantine and quality control guidelines to ensure bio-security and health management.

    Several shrimp (Fenneropenaeus indicus, Penaeus monodon and Litopenaeus vannamei) hatcheries have been set up and successfully run by our team of experts in various countries in the region. Hatcheries for selected fish species have also been established.